Aug 7, 2019 1 min

50% off, plus get up to $350 for switching!

Z3N Group is pleased to announce our back to school special, which will be running through Labor Day weekend. This applies to all new customers of CARDZ3N & Z3N Payments, both Retail (Card Present) & Ecommerce (Card Not Present).

Please reference “Summer Sizzle”, when receiving your quote to qualify for this special.


50% off your current discount rate!

Plus receive up to $350.

· Receive $100 for Activation

· Up to $250 Performance Bonus

Get even more! On every account, no limit.

· Referral Bonus of $100



*Terms apply. Receive $100 for any merchants who are approved and activated. Activation is any merchant who processes and batches at least $300 in 30 Days. Merchants processing over $5000 per month qualify for additional performance bonus. This amount varies on card present, card not present, and monthly volume. Volume is the amount processed and batched on the merchant account for the first full month of processing, partial months do not count. Please speak to an account representative to determine your specific performance bonus. Referral bonuses are for any new account referred, approved and activated; activation terms apply. New customers are companies Z3N has not had any prior contact or communication within the past 12 months. High Risk merchants do not qualify.

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