Customized Enterprise Payment Solutions

Enterprise Payment Solutions from CARDZ3N offers businesses and credit unions a range of fast, reliable, and extensible payment processing capabilities for real-time payments across domestic and international markets. Providing a payment infrastructure that enables fast, reliable, extensible payment processing and connectivity, regardless of how and where you do it, is a necessity.

Be Prepared to Move Quickly

Where many enterprise companies fail is in their speed – they’re ready to change, but aren’t prepared to do so quickly. It’s important to embrace change to avoid losing customers.

Grow From Within

Building a micro business from within, allows your business to innovate more freely, while testing new enterprise payment processing solutions from within to see how they might impact your overall organization.

Work With the Right Partners

If you truly wish to grow, you cannot shy away from change when necessary, allowing you to pivot as you grow. Your business receives access to flexible, dynamic, secure payment processing solutions that are built to scale and will drive revenue while boosting conversion rates.


Choose the pace of your payment’s transformation. Address specific needs with point solutions, or replace legacy solutions and consolidate onto a single, strategic payments platform. Key features include:

  • An open, real-time payments architecture that underpins all of our solutions – enabling you to grow and transform your payments approach
  • Streamlined workflow processing, clearing and settlement for all payment types and clearing schemes, helping you to reduce manual intervention and increase straight-through processing (STP)
  • Out-of-the-box on day one, we offer managed configuration on a world-class feature set, leading to implementation success in months, not years
  • A rich set of application services upon which you can quickly build new payments products for clients
  • Rely on the extensive experience gained through implementing payments transformation projects for banks of all sizes, including the world’s largest and most complex
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