B2B & B2G Payments

Save up to 1.45%

Merchants can see rate reductions of up to 40%

CARDZ3N helps clients to get the lowest rates possible for B2B payments & B2G Payments via credit card processing. We offer specific solutions and technology to access lower Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Government (B2G) rates. Our team developed our business to business payment processing program from personal experience from their time in the corporate world. Our team saw firsthand the problems business to business payments created and the expense of these transactions. We have trained our staff to identify cost saving opportunities for your business to keep your fees low, based on your business type, acceptance methods, and more. Let our analysts review your current business processing statements to locate potential savings. We will also analyze your current workflow for gaps and ways to improve your payment acceptance.

The major card brands offer discounts for businesses to process B2B credit card payments & B2G credit card payments.

In particular:

  • Business MCC classification can unlock reduced rates, if they’re properly classified.

  • Merchants processing large tickets (starting at $5k) can access even lower rates.

  • Merchants must use specific software or terminals to process B2B & B2G sales with level 2 or 3 information.

  • High-volume business?  Dollar or transaction amounts, we offer additional discounts.

Level 2 Processing

Level II processing is very easy for B2B payment merchants to meet the required information.  There are only 6 additional fields and we have a system to help elimanate any additional work on your part.  Typically, the required fields are easier to enter and there are fewer fields than level 3.  Level 2 processing still provides a rate reduction, but not quite as much as level 3 processing.

Processing Level 2 data requires either a standalone credit card terminal, or a gateway that’s equipped to handle Level 2 data. In order to qualify for Level 2 data, you’ll be required to input the below data fields with each transaction.

We will setup automatic pass-through with each sale to make things simple:

  • Transaction Date

  • Customer Code or PO number

  • Merchant Zip Code

  • Merchant Name

  • Transaction Amount

  • Tax Amount

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Level 3 Processing

If you are processing in a heavy B2B payment industry or if you accept a lot of B2G (Business to Government), Government cards, IMPAC Card, GSA Cards, then having Level 3 data acceptance may help reduce your costs significantly. Some Government contracts require a merchant to process Level 3 data. Don’t lose business.

Level 3 data, requires input of a fair amount of information. In addition, only certain gateways can accommodate for Level 3 data.

We will automatically populate all fields:

  • Ship-From Zip Code
  • Destination Zip Code
  • Invoice Number
  • Order Number
  • Item Product Code
  • Item Commodity Code
  • Item Description
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Unit of Measure
  • Item Extended Amount
  • Freight Amount
  • Duty Amount

Large Ticket Credit Card Processing

Our ecommerce solution

Many B2B and B2G transactions are large purchases. With large transactions, you’ll save more money with a lower percentage fee and a higher per-transaction fee because the per-transaction fee doesn’t change like a percentage does. Both Visa and Mastercard offer large ticket programs for high dollar value transactions.

Mastercard has three “Commercial Large Ticket” categories with dollar value thresholds:

  • Commercial Large Ticket 1 applies to transactions that are at least $7,255.
  • Commercial Large Ticket 2 applies to transactions that are at least $25,000.
  • Commercial Large Ticket 3 applies to transactions that are at least $100,000.

Visa has one “Commercial Product Large Ticket” category with a dollar value threshold:

  • Commercial Product Large Ticket applies to transactions that are at least $5,000.

Visa also has a separate “Large Purchase Advantage Fee Program” with 5 categories with dollar value thresholds. However, those categories only apply to select Visa Purchasing cards. Other qualifying commercial cards for large purchases receive the Commercial Product Large Ticket rate.

The “Large Purchase Advantage Fee Program” thresholds are as follows:

  • $10,000.01 – $25,000.
  • $25,000.01 – $100,000.
  • $100,000.01 – $500,000.
  • $500,000+

In addition to the dollar-value thresholds, qualifying for large ticket rates requires correctly passing level III data. If you don’t provide level III data, you won’t qualify for large ticket interchange even if your transaction is above the dollar value thresholds noted above.

Point of Sale Transactional Data (PoST)

New Laws and Bills are increasing the required information needed when processing transactions. One such new requirement is the PoST initiative, a next step effort to provide better pricing and more information to Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) customers. It incorporates point of sale discounts and transactional data requirements into new MAS awards.

Some government commodities already require the additional information during the procurement process. The government is using this information to reduce fraud, better track and understand how funds are being used.

Don’t miss opportunities or lose a contract. Get setup to accept Level 3 Processing now.

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