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Solutions That Fit Your Business

You shouldn’t have to adjust how you run your business for one machine. Instead, you should find a POS solution that seamlessly fits into your business. We work with all kinds of POS companies so we can find a system that is directly suited for your current operations. Let us provide you with clarity and options before you buy.

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Countertop Terminals

Our countertop solutions provide retailers with a familiar way to accept credit cards using a countertop solution that won’t require an overhaul to their entire POS system. Easy-to-use countertop devices give merchants the freedom to accept electronic card payments with or without an interface with a cash register or point-of-sale system

Poynt Terminals

Smart isn’t just for phones anymore. The Poynt Smart Terminal is a full-featured device, allowing hands-free mobile processing in a beautiful form-factor. Take all card types, use the built-in printer, have customers interact on their own screen, and manage everything from a free mobile app.

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Clover Terminals

Smart POS system that make running your business easier.
Looking for a full-featured POS system? Look no further than Clover for beautiful hardware and simple operation. Clover offers the Station, Mini, and Flex – allowing you to choose the right hardware for your business.

PAX Terminals

PAX Brings Additional Payment Terminal Options. PAX is ranked as one of the top global payment terminal solution suppliers, and offers a wide variety of merchant payment terminals, including point-of sale options such as Inlane, mobile and MPOS. PAX payment terminals will be the first to receive nexo certification.

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